By the happy tone of Kishani's emails I knew I'd enjoy photographing her family and then when I walked up to our meeting place and saw her little girl with fairy wings on I knew it was going to be a great morning. I was right. I so enjoyed them as we walked around the market and surrounding buildings. Aiden was a guy with personality...which I always enjoy...and lots of ideas. He was engaging right away and played along with me which quickly drew his sister, Amaya, from being the serious fairy to the grinning fairy. The fun of being with a new family is talking and seeing their relationships together. They are in much the same season as we are right now, with kids that are similar ages...and it's busy, I know :) . We played hard, took lots of pictures, and then mom led the way at the end to their favorite gelato stand for treats. They deserved it. Thank you, Mr. Ford Truck Owner, for parking your car in a great spot.

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The brown eyes! The curls! I asked Kishani if people stop her everywhere they go to talk about those silky ringlets :) .

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Oooooh, I just love these sibling ones!

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So I am going to be redoing my website (in my spare time...ha!) sometime later this fall, and I promise you this next photo will be in a prominent place. How I love her girly sweetness all backlit in the warm sun.

IMG 1653 copywat

If I can, I like to get kids individually with each parent.

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This girl is so pretty like her mummy.

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Group hug. (This makes me want a group hug picture with my family!)

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Aiden is one good looking guy. He's a tall fellow, heading into grade one, whose favorite author is Robert Munsch.

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This photo was taken on her daddy's shoulders.  Amaya was not so keen on sitting in a chair for me so her daddy cheered her up with a shoulder ride and then got down on his knees so I could shoot her in one of her favorite places.  Thanks, James!

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We walked through the market and I told Aiden about the gobstopper that I got at this store when I was little that lasted me three months. He was looking pretty intently at the Pez dispensers.

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Gelato, baby! I heard some ladies giggling as they walked behind us while we were snapping pictures. These kiddos were intent on their well deserved treats!

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Yes, everyone deserves a treat after all the hard work of taking family pictures.

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