Sometimes I entertain this dream of mine...that everyone that I love would all live in one little town. Then we wouldn't have to see our sweet East Coast cousin's gymnastics pictures on line because we could go watch her in the studio down the street. We wouldn't have to salivate over the menu on my fb friend's status update, because she would live around the corner and we would invite ourselves over for dinner.

If I lived in this little town, I know who would live next door, and I know that there would be a beaten path across our lawns. This family.

IMG 9978 copywat

But alas, they don't live next door but many states away. I am thankful we got to spend some time together to run around and take photos.

These goodies were taken at a recycling center in an industrial park near their home. I love the funky metal building and the bright red door. I love that Jonathan was still smiling bravely, even with the mosquitoes targeting him.

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IMG 9992 copy copy

Next, we walked over to the train tracks running though that area. LOVE this one.

IMG 0027 copywat

IMG 0023 copywat

As I was sitting here typing, Jasper perched on my lap and said, "That darling is beautiful." There you have it on good authority, Em.

IMG 0057 copywat

Next we traveled to downtown Ft. Worth and walked around.

IMG 0107 copywat

IMG 0136 copywat

IMG 0113 copywat

Then on to the museum district. This one makes me happy. I love the trees behind them.

IMG 0182 copywat

I love this one! If it was me looking so cute, talking to my husband on the grass with a gorgeous tree over us, I would blow this picture up big and look at it every day.

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IMG 0217 copywat

IMG 0243 copywat

IMG 0267 copywat

My friends.