I love, love these pictures that we took this morning. We started out the day slowly, with everyone cuddling in bed with us. Elbows to the head , stuffed animals flying around and wiggling. Then the kids wanted Ben and I to make a tent so up went the covers. Ben brought out the mega flashlight that he keeps under his side of the bed that he keeps to: a) light up the tents that we make for the kids when we cuddle b) clobber intruders in the middle of the night. Thankfully he uses it more for a) than for b).

Three little people that we love with all of our hearts. We are blessed, completely and abundantly. Thank you, Lord.

IMG 4115 copywat

IMG 4067 copywat

IMG 4149 copywat

IMG 4148 copywat

Have a wonderful blessed Christmas. I rejoice that my Lord Jesus came to earth as a baby to bring Light and Hope to all who would open their hearts to Him. The simplicity and beauty of that Love is overwhelming in its magnitude.