Tomorrow I will take my first plane trip by myself in about five and a half years. I will be the one with the camera bag, small purse and book. I will not be the one with a baby, stroller, diaper bag, snacks, blankets, bottles, toys, art supplies staggering through security and banging people as I walk down the plane aisle with the on-the-edge-of-breakdown-overtired-kids.

I am headed to Texas for a happy visit with friends, one that I haven't seen in about ten years. I am doing several photo sessions (and a couple of mini sessions). I plan on eating much food at my favorite restaurant, La Madeleine's, though I am sure to get some Tex-Mex somewhere in there. I will get to visit my old church and it feels like coming home to family. I spent eight years of my life in Texas and have lots of warm, fuzzy feelings about those times and am so very happy to visit.

My kids I am leaving behind to be spoiled by Oma and Opa and Daddy.

I will answer emails when I get back, and all of you who have sessions this weekend...I can't wait!!! You have my number if you need me.

Here is a picture of me that my dad took last fall. This will be me for much of the weekend, minus the cute boy, minus the beach. I am blessed.

DSC01785 copy