She laughs about the book Walter the Farting Dog.

She strings beads now according to size and color, not just randomly.

She loves to cuddle.

She makes me breakfast in bed and includes a flower.

She adores the baby and admires his squeezableness.

She likes corny jokes.

She loves to rescue items from recycling and repurpose them.

She reads voraciously and has six or seven novels around the house flipped open to where she's at, which makes me nuts as I encourage her to read one at a time.

She's a bit of a homebody and likes to putz around.

She giggled like crazy when she asked me what my nickname was when I was little, and I told her my best friends called me "Kissy". "Even your teachers?" she asked.

I am glad I am Ruby's mummy.

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If I let him, he'll kiss me dozens of times until we are both breathless and laughing.

He is grumpy when he has to wake up quickly but loves to be cuddled awake.

He bakes and licks the spoon so well it looks like it's been in the dishwasher.

He can talk non-stop in the van and when he can't think of anything else to say...he sings....loudly.

He has a pretty clever sense of humor for a four-year-old.

He likes to be handsome and he loves it when ladies and pretty older girls notice him.

He still loves Giraffey like he's his brother for real.

He lays on his tummy and gets in the baby's space.

He gets nervous when Daddy tosses him too high in the air.

He wears his emotions on his sleeve, just like me.

He tells me I am the girl he's always wanted.

I am glad I am Jasper's mummy.

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He says, "I please give you a hug?" and then wraps his arms around all of us.

He is constantly falling, crashing, tripping and bumping himself.

He is very ticklish, and I love to take advantage of it.

He has creatively made more messes than anyone I know.

He wears his Superman costume constantly.

He loves to go on errands with Daddy and Mummy and is always up for a ride.

He volunteers to tell Daddy it's time to eat so that he'll be piggybacked downstairs.

He croons over the baby and rubs him.

He loves to be a helper.

He wants to nap with music on and pats my back and tells me, "You my sweet mama" before he goes to sleep.

He would wear his camo pants every day if they were cleaned and in his drawer every morning.

I am glad I am Tymen's mummy.

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He laughs and squeals when anyone pays attention to him.

He has started to reach for me and gave me a hug the other night. Oh, it was sweet.

He loves to cuddle.

He has muppet, fuzzy hair sticking up all over.

He growls when he is hungry.

He is lunging himself across the floor at whatever he wants to shove in his mouth.

He bounces in his jumper until he can bounce no more and then he makes sounds like a siren as he waits to be rescued.

He is a happy lump of a baby boy.

I am glad I am Theo's mummy.

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I totally understand moms who say that they are not in a lot of the pictures...because they are taking the pictures. A friend of mine recently posted on Facebook that she was looking through pictures of her kids growing up, and the selection of her in the pictures were slim. She encouraged young moms to get in the pictures!! Whether it's in a session with me, or whether you hand off your camera to a friend or husband and ask them to take a shot, do it! In fact, today or tomorrow, have a picture taken with your kids (then let me know you did it!).

All photos on this post were taken by Ben, Mother's Day 2011. I am so grateful that he takes great images!