I've been thinking about Mary and baby Jesus. "Oh, Come Let Us Adore Him." We sing this song about the Savior of our souls, remembering that He came to earth as a baby, showing us God's love and how to draw near to Him. Mary had some glimpses of what Jesus would do as a man by what she was told by the angels.

I also think that she adored Him simply because He was her baby.

Honestly, I've been sitting with my son in my arms, adoring him too, and wondering how Mary could love Jesus any more than I love this sweet child. I cannot get enough of this boy and find myself swelling with an overwhelming love for him.

Last week I went into Ruby's school with Theo and a mommy popped by for a peek and to comment on the monkey hat that I am making him wear everywhere. She said, "Oh, what I wouldn't give to have just one day with my kids that little again." It reminded me to pay attention and to soak in this fleeting time. There will be wonderful seasons and times in his life but none like this again.

So in the absence of a manger, I put him in a tiny doll crib. I wanted to take some photos of his softness, his tender heart, his sweet bits and pieces. I want to remember the gift of these days.

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