It is really fun for me to kick around with a family at their home. Especially with littles, it's super to get them playing in their own environment and see everyone just being together. I so enjoyed my time with this family for that very reason. At the end of it, Mehrnaz apologized for not being better organized (as if that's even possible with a two-month-old and three-year-old! :) ) but I would much prefer everyone just doing their thing and interacting that way. That way we could get some of the baby cuddles in Lena's room, run around their new playground, and play around on the deck. We started out with Leon who ran circles around all of us. We were together on the actual day of his third birthday and I think he had the energy of ten kids :) . Good thing I ate my Wheaties! While mom fed and cuddled the baby, his dad, Brent, and I played around with Leon in the front yard. No way was he going to sit on a chair, fold his hands, and grin cheesily at me. He was busy: spraying elephants, riding fire engines, looking for raccoons, sliding away from the chasers. How much better to get him in action. I love that his parents got that and helped me to engage him to get some shots that are truly "him" at this stage.

IMG 9955 copy edited-1

IMG 0005 copy edited-1

IMG 9988 copy edited-1

Wild animals in their cages.

IMG 9991 copy edited-1

We had to employ a little reverse psychology every once in a while.

"Hey, Leon! Do you want to get in the hammock with your daddy?"

"No, no, I don't, " he said as he raced off.

"Okay, Leon, DO NOT...I mean...DO NOT go in the hammock with your dad!!"

Leon squeals and throws himself at the hammock. Daddy tickles him and we get this:

IMG 9931 copy edited-1

Then there is little Lena. What a yummy sweetheart with such a lovely temperament. I asked her mommy if everyone talks about her hair when they go out and she just smiled.

IMG 9996 copy edited-1

IMG 9938-2 copy edited-1

The language of a mom's love is so universal and so beautiful. How delighted Mehrnaz is with her little daughter.

IMG 0064 copywat

Doesn't Mehrnaz have just the kindest face?

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IMG 0031 copy

IMG 0051 copy edited-1

Then it was time for some family shots outside on the back deck.

IMG 0121 copy edited-1

IMG 0166 copy edited-1

He loves that sister of his and mom and dad were watching that she didn't get squeezed too exuberantly :) .

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IMG 0196 copy edited-1

IMG 0212 copywat

IMG 0220 copy edited-1

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IMG 0316 copywat

Since it was Leon's birthday, mom and dad picked up some balloons and a birthday cupcake and he physically could not stop himself from launching himself at his cupcake as soon as it hit the table.

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IMG 0277 copy edited-1

Family time. Thanks for having me over to share in a little of it :) .