Just back from my trip to Texas and my derriere is weary of sitting on a plane seat for four hours, but I feel very refreshed from spending time with fine friends like these....

IMG 9851 copywat


On my four day trip I did seven sessions....so, so , so fun! I visited with a great friend from college and met his wonderful wife and kept them up too late chatting, even though poor Paul was just getting over a cold. I had dessert with my college roomies and caught up on several years...I love those girls....Paige and Tiff! I went to church to be surrounded with old friends. I laughed good and long with a bunch of girlfriends. And inbetween all of that, I had great, satisfying chunks of time with my dearest friend and her family. I ate plenty of goodies like chicken fried steak and La Madeleine's chicken caesar. I bought myself a necklace which I am sure to overwear because I love it so much. AND I DIDN"T CHANGE ONE SINGLE DIAPER!!!!!!

My heart needed that. I spent a good nine years of my life in Texas and being back for this visit really reminded me of how blessed I was to have had such great relationships, schooling and church that help to mold and grow me for that season. And there are things about Texas that I just love....sales ladies in gift shops who are genuinely sweet, more restaurants in Dallas per capita than any other U.S. city, and some just wonderful people who truly are family to me.

And now I am home and when Ben brought my home to where Oma was watching the kids while they slept we found this....my treasure sleeping on the ground, waiting for her mummy to come home. It is good to be loved.

IMG 0288 copy

So now I have bags to unpack, kids to hug, and many pictures to edit. Hold on to your bootstraps, blog readers....many posts coming up in the next few days. I am blessed.