I adore spending time with these friends. There’s  Isaac, who has a smile that could light up a room, and his generous mama, who has a huge heart.  This little guy is thriving and growing and so full of joy.  He’s nailing milestones, got hundreds of signs down, and definitely has a mind of his own (like pumpkins were not going to be inside the wagon if he could get them out!).  Desiree is such a great mama, lavishing all her heart on him, challenging him, and supporting his growth.  She knows his patterns too, like the fact that Pirate’s Booty can be a powerful bribe, and when he took off at a dead run towards me to take my puppet which I was holding out to him, she knew that look in his eye meant he’d toss it over the bridge….and he did…and we laughed.  Isaac, your name means “laughter” for good reason…what joy you bring!