One of the things that I love about photography is that is makes me want to see, really see what is beautiful in my life. This week in my family it was the wild excitement on Ruby's face when she told me about the visits that the leprechaun was making to her first grade class. It was the Jasper who looked at me with his dark brown eyes when he wasn't feeling well, and said, "Mum, will you ask me to be brave?" "Will you be brave, Jeppy, even though you're not feeling well?" "Yes, I will, Mum." It was Theo jumping to wide mouthed attention when he saw his Dad catching eyes with him across the office.

And it was this. Tymie's legs on mine while we sat and watched a movie together. He still says, "Mama, can I please cuddle wif ya?" He still fits just right on my lap.

IMG 0302 copy-1

This one Ben took for me.

IMG 0327 copy