Last weekend Ben was away and the forecast was for more glorious weather.  After sleeping in and reading in bed, we packed up some Pirate’s Booty, banana muffins, fruit and ice waters and headed for Franklin Falls.  Every one else had the same idea too but somehow squeezing through the narrow roads with cars parked on the side, I found a spot in the tiny parking lot. I realized that I didn’t have the right kind of permit but was willing to pay the fine rather than retrace down the hill and find a place to get the pass.

The kids were ecstatic, running and jumping and balancing.  I knew that they’d all be fine to walk the mile or so up to the falls and back but I realized how outnumbered I was when I saw Tymen kind of ricocheting off trees, very close to drop-offs.  Ruby hung out with Theo and I had the rule that they needed to be where I could see them and it worked, most of the time.  (Next time I’ll take Ben, one on two are better odds than one on four).  Theo was the most thrilled to find “The Peeing Tree” when he heard the boys talking about going outside.

They dipped their toes in the falls at the top after munching booty, and I just sat in the sunshine, feeling thankful to live in such a pretty place. The way back was mostly nice but the last 200 meters or so was made at an accelerated pace as there was a dire need for the porta potty.  We jetted down and I as I was helping my little guy, I prayed a deep prayer of thanks for the kind soul who left an extra Chipotle napkin, as there was no toilet paper.  Next time I’m not only bringing Ben but a pack of tissue as well!

Glad to have healthy kids and that we all made it out in one piece.


The photographer’s kids.  Love how Tymen’s eyes are rolling back in his head.12-hikefranklin-2313-hikefranklin-2414-hikefranklin-2515-hikefranklin-2916-hikefranklin-32