I knew I'd like Tawny. She's the sister in law of a dear friend of mine and had been leaving kind comments on pictures I posted on Facebook. I was thrilled when she was one of the winners of my 500-Facebook-Fans contest and won three headshots.

Who am I kidding? I can never bear to just do three shots :) . Impossible...especially when three beautiful kids come piling out of the car behind their gorgeous mom, ready to watch. So I grabbed my puppet and talked the kids into a few pictures too, and they were great sports.

IMG 2245 copy edited-1

IMG 2270 copy edited-1

IMG 2274 copy edited-1

IMG 2282 copy edited-1

IMG 2284 copywat

So pretty.

IMG 2288 copy edited-1

IMG 2290 copywat-1

I am really happy with this set of Tawny with each of her little chicks. Here she is with Katie who tucked her little hand right over her mom's. It's little things like that in photographs that are very telling about the relationships in them.

IMG 2292 copywat


IMG 2307 copywat-1

How fun is Facebook to give me the opportunity to meet such wonderful people? I truly so appreciate all of you who check out my work and your support greatly cheers me on. I love what I do.

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