Harley and Julie received a Christmas gift last year that included two photo sessions. Part one we did this summer and it was pretty easy to co-ordinate. Part two took a bit more work. Getting them, seven children, three spouses, five grandchildren together when some live out of state and everyone has super busy schedules was a feat which we were able to accomplish two days after this Christmas. It was a bit chilly and drizzly that morning so we did the session at their beautiful home.

During a break in the rain I insisted on one outdoor shot and everyone huddled together in the spirit of family love...and collective warmth :) .

Just wanted to point out a little item about how everyone is dressed. They decided on a few colors and then had everyone choose clothes that were those colors but were different shades, styles and textures. There is unity without everyone being exactly the same. I think they look fantastic. Also, I just love big brother Danny right in the front holding his little brother with such a great smile.

IMG 1031 copy edited-1

Here are Julie and Harley with all their kids. I didn't need to do anything to facilitate the smiling. There was a great deal of good natured teasing going on...who's head was the biggest...etc. It's pretty obvious that this family has a great time together.

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Then we got bits and pieces of the family.

These beautiful sisters often model for their brother who is a photographer too. Pros, indeed.

IMG 0971 copywat

IMG 0990 copy edited-1

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Lindsey and Andrew are ensuring that the family count will be different next year...another baby on the way :) .

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These handsome boys....

IMG 1086 copywat

...belong to these parents. Mom helped me to get some great smiles from her sons.

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And this sweet girlie was playing around with us. What a ham. The family was talking about what a great grumpy face she can make..but she was just happy this morning.

IMG 1113 copywat

And she belongs to Kellie and Jonathan.

IMG 1125 copywat1

Julie and Harley, I know you are so thankful for your beautiful family. Merry Christmas....2009...and 2010!

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