I’ve gotten to know this awesome family through our church during the last year.  Brandon and his oldest son, Josiah, were cabin leaders at kids’ camp with Caleb in their cabin and I remember seeing their pack of guys having a blast.  There was a game on the last day of the week where all the cabins in our rotation were stealthing around the grounds with plates of shaving cream, strategizing abut how to get past the dinosaurs, fairies and mad scientists.  You bond over those kinds of experiences and Caleb tells me he’s ready for camp again! 

They are a good crew.  Their warmth, affection for each other, and prizing of the baby was so fun on our night together.  We had gorgeous evening light and they were easy.  Believe me, I know what it’s like for a family of many moving targets to be photographed and they were laid back and fun.

One of my goals when I group families is to really make an effort to get images of each parent with each of their children.  I just think it’s good for those one on one pictures.  We also do some put together shots and then stir the pot and get some fun ones too.

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