I always wished I had an older brother when I was growing up. My friends who had one darkly warned me that I wouldn't want a brother if I had one. I wasn't convinced. When I left this family's session the other day, I was so warmed by the love that these two older brothers have for their little siblings and by how the little ones were absolutely taken by their big brothers. Who wouldn't want a big brother who is loving and fun...and Julia and Jonah have two!

We had a little window of opportunity to squeak in a mini session while Peter was in town and Veronika and I were both praying for good weather. As we got together the sun even peeked out at the end but it was not as shiny as the smile of this beautiful mom who was so happy to have her family together for photos.

01-IMG 9323 copy


02-IMG 9333 copy


03-IMG 9364 copy


04-IMG 9379 copy

Julia and Jonah.


I have a feeling this next one is going to be printed big somewhere in their home. LOVE.


05-IMG 9448 copy

06-IMG 9453 copy

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10-IMG 9524 copy

Peter and Jamie.


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12-IMG 9558 copy

13-IMG 9591 copy

The joy and thankfulness they have together is really wonderful. What a treat to be the one to capture it!