It was such a pleasure to spend some time with this wonderful family. I take on a very small number of extended family sessions each year because, frankly, it can get a little hairy :). However, when my friend, Melissa, told me that her husband's whole family was going to be in town for Easter weekend I jumped at the chance. Family all being together is so worth celebrating. Musette, the sweet grandmother, told me that it had been five years since they'd all been at the same place at the same time. They were an awesome bunch, just really easygoing and happy to be together. We kept this session pretty simple, trying mostly to get different types of group shots.

Here are all the cousins. They're a great crew.

IMG 7641 copy edited-1

Here are the grandparents, Musette and Bob. They have every reason to be proud with such a beautiful and loving family.

IMG 7665 cop2 edited-1


IMG 7689 copy edited-1

Love this one with all the different sizes and colors, the watched, the chippy nailpolish.

IMG 7690 copy edited-1

When I asked Musette if it was a ton of work to raise four boys, she just beamed and said, "Not at all...they were so easy." I wonder if I am going to forget the craziness and mess of little boys when my sons grow up :) .

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IMG 7706 copy edited-1

The whole gang together. Okay, just have to hop in and point out how well the clothes go together for a big family. They definitely went with warm spring colors but I love how everyone had their own styles, textures and look. It's cohesive but not exactly the same. (Yay to the daughters-in-law who I know pulled that together ;) )!

IMG 7715 copy edited-1

Then we had a few silly shots. Sweet Emma couldn't keep her nose on unless she leaned on her grandma's head.

IMG 7721 cop1 edited-1

I love a family who can have a good time...and it's always fun for the kids to play around a bit too!

IMG 7727 copy edited-1

They're rocking the glasses, though they nearly were blinded by them.

IMG 7736 cop1 edited-1

IMG 7742 copyw

Uh-oh, we know who the uncool brother without shades is. Sad, Rob.

IMG 7748 copy edited-1

IMG 7751 copy edited-1

Pretty girls.

IMG 7754 copy edited-1

Musette asked for one with her cousin, who she said was as close as a dear sister to her.

IMG 7762 copyw

Then we left the parents to visit in the sunshine while the cuzzies and I played around for a few minutes.

IMG 7777 copy edited-1

IMG 7778 copy edited-1

IMG 7784 copy edited-1

They were all about the peeps, and I am all about positive re-enforcement. Having your picture taken is FUN!!

IMG 7786 copyw

Then each family together at the end.

IMG 7829 copy edited-1

IMG 7854 cop1 edited-1

IMG 7865 copy edited-1

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Thank you for letting me be a part of your special weekend together.