I was delighted when Tasha and her beautiful family were able to jump in the mini session slot that opened up at the last minute. We'd been trying to get together for a while and hadn't been able to due to weather, sick kids, me on bed rest and schedules. I was so happy to finally meet their family.

Usually I have a bit of time for "warming up" with kids that don't know me, but we didn't have a lot of time for that on this fast moving day. Fortunately Emily, Keira, and Tyler were great sports and ready to roll. What lovely personalities!

I loved, loved the bright colors they were wearing as they were just perfect for spring pictures.

IMG 7277 copy copy

These three kiddos have stuffies that are practically part of the family, just like my kids and their bff's. What a brilliant idea to bring those along! Those animals have been objects of some serious love.

IMG 7305 copy edited-1

Shiny, happy faces. These kids know how loved they are.

IMG 7311 copywat edited-1

Keira does a little ballerina move. Both the girls were showing me their favorite "poses".

IMG 7346 copwaty

IMG 7358 copywat

IMG 7377 copywat

IMG 7386 copy edited-1

IMG 7379 copywat

Down at the playground!

IMG 7397 copy edited-1

Tasha and Terry, I was so pleased to spend this time with your beautiful family! Thanks for making this day work....and for navigating some crazy roads and directions to get to me :) .