I've been so busy doing family mini sessions this fall that it was a real treat to shoot a full session to my heart's content and play hard with this family. As much as the fall mini sessions that I offer are great for a quick group and kid update, these regular sessions offer an opportunity to explore relationships and to have a lot of fun together. I *may* have gotten a little carried away with editing and done a bit extra in their gallery :).

Felicia, Derek and their little treasures are a family that I so look forward to seeing. Their willingness to play around, try things and love up their girls as if the camera wasn't on them makes my job so easy. They are warm and generous and fun. When I saw Elliotte rounding to corner and running over for a hug, it absolutely made my day.

It was a bit of a chilly morning, but we were trying not to complain as we had some lovely sunlight. We decided to start out at the park.

LOVE these little girly legs. They're going to be a lot longer next year.

01-IMG 7812-001

02-IMG 7813 copy

04-IMG 7832 copy

We played and jumped around with them to keep them warm and grinning.

06-IMG 7913 copy

05-IMG 7908 copy

Love. All the connections here make me happy.

07-IMG 7930 copy

08-IMG 7921 copy

09-changyuen gallery

Sweet Janie has done a lot of growing since her newborn session last year. She's a happy little muppet who was a trooper, even when she was getting chilly.

11-IMG 7953 copy

10-changyuen gallery1

Elliotte just makes me happy. She's a softhearted big sister with a big vocabulary and a warm personality.

12-IMG 7970 copy

53-changyuen gallery2

13-IMG 7982 copy

14-IMG 7991 copy

These pictures of Derek and Felicia might have been quickly snapped while Baby Janie sadly cried at being left in the stroller and big sister cried crocodile sympathy tears. Good thing Felicia had crackers and cheese the cheer the troops!

15-IMG 8014 copy

16-IMG 8010 copy

17-IMG 8026 copy

18-IMG 8032 copy

19-IMG 8038 copy

24-IMG 8077 copy

21-IMG 8064 copy

20-IMG 8051 copy

22-IMG 8080 copy

23-IMG 8074 copy

After we were done at the park we walked around the market. These next two just make me laugh. The three year old has a little personality.

25-IMG 8093 copy

26-IMG 8112 copy

27-IMG 8124 copy

28-IMG 8145 copy

40-IMG 8414 copy

39-IMG 8361 copy

54-changyuen gallery3

1-IMG 8445 copy

When the girls needed a bit of warming up we headed into the Kids' Market and played with puppets.

31-IMG 8193 copy

32-IMG 8202 copy

33-IMG 8215 copy

Almost, almost walking!!

34-IMG 8228 copy

Elliotte and I chose some fun whistle lips in the market and she carefully doled out the right colors to every person.

35-IMG 8265 copy

36-IMG 8283 copy

37-IMG 8320 copy

38-IMG 8339 copy

At the very end we took a walk through all the yummy food.

41-IMG 8456 copy

42-IMG 8478 copy

51-IMG 8559 copy


44-IMG 8473 copy

45-IMG 8482 copy

46-IMG 8485 copy

Felicia laughed at her dentist husband looking at all that candy.

47-IMG 8492 copy

I so remember walking this same market as a little girl, looking at the foods at eye level.

48-IMG 8505 copy


50-IMG 8518 copy

49-IMG 8538 copy

At the end we were all good and hungry. I met my parents for lunch and they went off with their girlies to hunt down some yummy soup and bread...perfect for a fall day. Thanks for another super wonderful session!