I ran Ruby out in the backyard the other day with the little hat I picked up on summer clearance and shoved a bouquet of hydrangeas in her hands. And the pictures I got of my happy girl made me...well...really happy.

Here are some other things that made me happy just today:

1. I have great smelling soap.

IMG 8526 copy

2. I have kids that love to play at the spray park, and Tymen careens in to the freezing cold spray with wild giggles.

IMG 8521 copy

3. My kids ate edamame like they were candy.

IMG 8568 copy

4. I had time to read for about a half hour.

IMG 8529 copy

5. I made dinner at lunch so tonight when it was so hot, I didn't have to cook.

IMG 8544 copy

6. My desk is organized and I got lots of photo editing done.

IMG 8564 copy

7. I finally got a lid that fits for my blender...yay for smoothies.

IMG 8569 copy

8. I had a few minutes to sit on the couch with Ben this morning and drink my iced coffee.

I like happy things. I love my happy girl.