My friend, Jen, has a beautiful picture of her father holding her as a baby that is blown up big and put up in every place that they have lived. I love it. Every time I see it, I stand and look at it and know why she treasures it.

It has been such a distinct pleasure to photograph dads this past year. Seeing the way that they interact with their kids, the way they mess around and tease them, the way their kids respond to's wonderful. Often when I am editing pictures of dads and their kids, I find myself blinking away tears. A dad tosses his daughter in the air as she squeals with delight. A dad holds his newborn so softly and carefully with his big hands and even bigger heart. A dad teases a child and gets a huge laugh in return. A dad gives his son that look.

I think that I love photographing dads in part, because I know how much my dad has meant to me. The way he values me has never, ever left me wondering where I stood. Was he perfect? No. Was he the perfect dad for me? Yes. Absolutely.

So, as a tribute to Father's Day, I wanted to share some of my favorite images of fathers this year. Enjoy. And to all you dads who are loving your kids, you are a blessing beyond measure. We, moms, know that we could never do this without you.

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As for my husband, Ben. When we married, I was sure that he would be a great husband but I had no real idea that he would be such a great father too. Our kids crave him, wrap themselves on him, and look for his attention constantly. He responds by teaching them, adoring them, kissing them, and satisfying their little hearts in the ways that I can't. I am proud that he is the father of my children.

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