Ben and my sweet sister in law Meghan are very kind to me but I am certain they are tired of listening to me talk about the weather and decisions I’ve made this fall as I’ve poured over weather reports and peered out the window before upcoming sessions.  We’ve had light and sunshine but it’s been very unpredictable amidst storms, wind and rain. We were all still lounging around in our pj’s, drinking coffee and getting the kids going on art projects while I basted the turkey on Thanksgiving morning.  The sun peered through the clouds and I told them we should go for our Christmas pictures.  I had the kids clothes ironed and I needed a few quick pictures for their frames for the tree and our Christmas card.  Bless their hearts, they rounded up the crazies and smiled.  We drenched the turkey in butter and I promised to be just twenty minutes.  As we drove the five minutes to the park…the sun disappeared.  Ben consoled me, “It’s okay, we still have good light.  Let’s get it done.” As we parked, the rain started to really come down.  Of course, Meghan just laughed, and I ran them all over under a few trees for what little protection they afforded.  Then Theo cried because someone bumped him, Ben stepped in a mother lode of dog poop and had to run over to a nearby patch of grass to wipe it all off, a squirrel started digging around in my camera bag, and it was nearly impossible to get the shot of all seven of us with my remote…too many moving targets…and boys making faces…. but we got a couple…enough for cards!

I provided a few outtakes for comedic relief and then the others as proof that it’s always worth the effort!  Meghan deserves free photography for the rest of her life for putting up with us so sweetly and shooting away!  As we drove down the street to our house at the end, I yelled, “Just a couple more of us and of Meghan.” My kind husband swerved around to the local park where we got a few pictures of the jewel that is Meghan and she snapped a few of me and my love, who I kissed with gratitude!

And the turkey wasn’t even dried out. Of course, the sun came out again as we got home and stayed out for the rest of the afternoon.  True.


He managed dorky faces for at least 12 shots and Theo tried to choke daddy.  Awesome.02-HamiltonXmas2014-36

The squirrel digs around in my camera bag which was soaking at this time.03-HamiltonXmas2014-2405-HamiltonXmas2014-2006-2014.112107-2014.112208-HamiltonXmas2014-3009-HamiltonXmas2014-2810-HamiltonXmas2014-2711-HamiltonXmas2014-3912-2014.112313-HamiltonXmas2014-6014-HamiltonXmas2014-6315-HamiltonXmas2014-692014.1119