I don't know if there is any room on my parent's walls for framed pictures of more grandchildren. At last count, there were thirty-seven pictures up of my little crazies. However, my only sister and her husband figure it's time to add their own little bambino/bambina to the mix. AND WE ARE ALL SO, SO HAPPY ABOUT IT!!!!

I have been dispensing pregnancy wisdom and sympathizing over queasiness over strange smells. This past weekend while she visited, we dug through my huge assortment of baby gear, showing her what she doesn't need to purchase and giving my advice on what is really worth spending her money on. Get a good diaper bag, stroller, and some good track pants (because maternity pants stink). Give yourself time to sleep in. Don't worry about being out of breath when you go up the stairs.

Yay! A baby niece or nephew.

So we did a little photo shoot for her to get a good picture to announce to all her peeps on facebook and through email that she's been craving pickles and ice cream....

This was my favorite...

IMG 1309 copywat

IMG 1296 copywat

We forgot to bring a bowl upstairs so we used a little tealight holder. Oh, hygiene, where art thou?

IMG 1323 copywat

IMG 1248 copywat

IMG 1273 copywat

Then my boys trotted in with their bowls and wanted to share so we scooped out fast melting ice cream. Farley the dog came in and things got a little wild and crazy.

IMG 1284 copy

Kelly has been a super auntie. She plays endless rounds of Hungry, Hungry Hippo. She dishes out money for Ruby's fundraisers. She runs screaming through the house with kids on office chairs with wheels while they shriek happily. She reads books. She kisses. She throws the kid who had an accident in the bath and puts in lots of bubbles.

IMG 1368 copywat

She is fun. She is warm. She will be an incredibly mummy.....

IMG 1334 copywat

.....just as long as she doesn't let her own kids munch on doggie treats like she let Tymen try.

IMG 1172 copywat

Grow, little baby, grow. We love you already!

IMG 1325 copywat