She feels like family to us. Technically she's my brother-in-law's mother but she's swooped my kids into the circle of her grandmotherly affections: hugging, kissing, giving out love as freely as she lets the kids visit Mr. M&M for chocolate treats. She's a gem. When my sister talked with me about how she and Dano wanted to give her a photo session for Christmas, I was so game to be a part of it. The gift comes in two parts, the first was a couple days after Christmas with Dee's boys and their families, along with her wonderful husband Reg, and brother, Dr. Bob. For part two we are hoping for the angels to sing, everyone's schedules to align, and for all of her children and Reg's children and their families to meet at their beautiful cottage on the ocean in the summer. I'll get to follow along as they dig in the sand, the kids build forts out of driftwood, dinner is grilled and finally s'mores are crafted around the campfire. I.Can't. Wait.

On this day, everyone came over to Grandee (such a cute play on "Grandma+ Dee") and Grandad's home. The weather was supposed to be 90% of a chance of rain...but I was praying and we had a wonderful hour window of no rain so we could all get out together.

We started in their backyard by the playhouse for the kids.

IMG 0483 copy edited-1

Ben is such a sweetheart. It was chilly but he told me he wasn't even cold. I told him he must be half snowman/ half human.

Grandee gave him a kiss and left a little lipstick on his cheek....just what a little boy wants.

IMG 0491 copy edited-1


With the others...Quinn, Adelaide, and Ezzie.

IMG 0471 copy edited-1


IMG 0570 copyw

Then we all walked to the park. I love seeing family together when everyone starts talking and laughing, aunties scoop up babies, uncles grab hands. It was fun. Grandee was beaming.

IMG 0622 cop1y

IMG 0627 copy edited-1

IMG 0682 copy edited-2

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Then I pulled out my new favorite trick with families for a laugh. Dr. Bob was a bit concerned that this would show up on YouTube or something. No worries...

IMG 0806 copy edited-1

Quinny absolutely refused the facial hair option and Ezzie did not last long.

IMG 0834 copyw

Now Ben, however, thoroughly enjoyed being the sticking post for all the leftovers.

IMG 0867 copy

She's done a beautiful job, this mama. These are good guys and I know she's proud.

IMG 0907 copy edited-1

IMG 0890 copy edited-1

Here she is with Reg, who she calls her Mr. Wonderful. It is good to be loved.

IMG 0949 copy edited-1

And with her brother.

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IMG 0954 copy edited-1

IMG 0996 copy edited-1

IMG 0997 copy edited-1

She's a sweet heart and very loved by them all.

IMG 0938 cop edited-1

They're a wee bit crazy, but hey, that's family, right?

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IMG 1008 copy edited-1

Merry Christmas Part 1, Grandee. I can't wait to come to the Point to spend the day with your whole gang in the summer.