My friend Kelly is an amazing graphic designer. In fact, one of her printables is framed over my desk. She works at our church making all the printed material look fabulous and does a lot of freelance work too. She recently helped me redo the print release and copyright card that goes out with my disks as my previous material was sadly lacking (as in, terrible). Gosh, how I love it when people are really, really good at what I am not! She and another friend have partnered up and have an inspiring blog called, Bringing Crafty Back. Check it out for some fun projects! Last year, Kelly's family did their family pictures in the fall. This year, she suggested doing a short session in the snow and then going sledding. I was all over it. She was excited. I was excited. Then the morning of, we had an unfortunate miscommunication about location and by the time her family arrived to where we were there was a stinking long lineup (over 30 minutes long) to get in. She walked over and confessed right away that she was a stressball. Bless her heart. I know what that is like. But to her credit, she shook it off, laughed when I had Eric dip her and kiss her (had a sneaking suspicion that would help ;)), and was her fun and sweet self for these pictures. They are an awesome family. Eric's brother, Elliot, was an great sport and let me put him in some pictures too.



01-IMG 0497 copy


02-IMG 0511 copy

Love the tongue hanging out.






03-IMG 0552 copy


04-IMG 0524 copy


06-IMG 0587 copy


07-IMG 0592 copy


08-IMG 0613 copy


05-IMG 0574 copy

They are the real deal. Their love for their boys and each other, generosity to those around them and warmth is a blessing to see.

11-IMG 0651-001


09-IMG 0600-001


10-IMG 0611 copy

How cute is she with her red, heart mittens and cute hat. Kelly, you're the best. Thanks for being such a great sport!

12-IMG 0709 copy


13-IMG 0660 copy


15-IMG 0745 copy



Two seasons down. I think we might need to shoot for spring or summer pictures at some point.