A big part of the fun of photographing people is the opportunity to get to know them better. Talking as we go along, watching their interactions with each other, seeing the love that's there is such a good time. I knew Katie a bit as she was a Sunday School teacher for my kids a while ago. I knew of Andy because he's the brother of a good friend of mine. Andy is the junior high pastor at our church and he proposed to his bride-to-be a few weeks ago during the announcements at youth group. Katie laughed as she told me that the youth went nuts and girls were screaming and she could hardly hear what he was saying when he got down on one knee and held up the ring. How fun is that! The video of the amazing event went viral on facebook.

I saw a peek of it, and found myself wishing that I had been there to take pictures that night. Thrilled I was, then, when Katie contacted me soon afterward about taking their engagement pictures.

We met up in Tacoma and were so happy with the sunshine that night. We wandered through the park, used some nearby cool buildings and then made our way to the Spanish Steps.

The affection between them is so clear. They are fun and enjoy each other so much. I watched the way that he would put his hand on the small of her back and pull her into him. She would look at him with shiny eyes and a gorgeous smile. Love. It is a wonderful thing. It's amazing when the Lord puts people together...and it fits..really, really beautifully.

It also made my job really easy.

Here's a fun play on their name. Such a great chalkboard sign.

IMG 2089 copy1 edited-1

They are pretty happy about it.

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IMG 2146-1 copy

IMG 2140 copywat

Whenever I got set up at different places, I had Andy tell her how pretty she was...how he loved her...he'd tease her a little...and they both would be grinning.

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I insisted that we go use a great sign I saw as I was prowling around the neighborhood. The sun was all warm and saturating. Yep, they're really loving being in love.

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So at the Spanish Steps, I zipped out my whiteboard and gave them a couple seconds to write the first thing that came to mind without any input from the other.

He went simple and to the point :) .I think she's feeling it, by the look on her face.

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Hello, how fun is it to have the Most Awesome One propose to you! Smart guy, if you ask me :) .

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Some pedestrians walking by were grinning at these two so obviously smitten.

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At the bus stop. I was out on the road and risking my life in traffic. I don't think they noticed :) .

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Oh, they were happy. I am so happy for them. Love is so worth celebrating and it was such a privilege to be the one who got to document this special engagement time.