I have lived in the States for many, many moons...almost half my life. I love going to visit my family in Vancouver and putzing around in all the familiar places but then when I head for the border, it really does feel like I am going home. However, I find whenever the Olympics are on, my Canadian blood starts pumping and I am fiercely proud to see that red maple leaf unfurled when Canadian athletes compete. If there aren't any Canadians in a competition, I go for the Dutch, and then maybe the US. This past weekend, we went up and Mum and Dad took us downtown so we could walk around the streets. Even though the venues weren't open, and we really don't have tickets to anything, we thought it would be fun to get out there.

We packed the double stroller with boys and bananas and extra supplies (how long has it been since I have traveled without a diaper bag?) and zipped out on the Skytrain to see what we could see. I was so glad we went. The excitement was palpable. There were a lot of Vancouverites out there, but there were also a lot of athletes roaming around too and we heard many different languages. The sense of Canadian pride was strong. I was impressed by all the cool advertising and signage, and by how many volunteers were on the streets to answer questions.

Here is Ruby heading up that long escalator at Granville Station.

IMG 6693 copywat

This is my dad, the ultimate fan, who has nothing to go to, so instead he cheers with the Coke advertisement people on the Skytrain concourse.

IMG 6687 copywat

Oma and Opa bought us our Olympic gear a few months ago. I saw on the Today Show this morning that the mittens are the "It" item. How amazing that I would be right in on a trend here, the girl who doesn't own an ipod, never used a blackberry, and can barely handle her cell phone. I am not usually cool but hey, I have desired mittens. However, we didn't come close to needing mittens as it was balmy and warm. We all were in just sweaters for most of the day. I even heard a French lady speaking to her friend on the tram from the Olympic Village to Granville Island about all the trees with the flowers...not exactly as cold as anticipated.

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The signage all over Vancouver was so cool and clean looking.

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IMG 6742 copywat

It was big and impressive like this but we also drove by a farm with the letters for "Go Canada, Go!" cut out of plywood and spraypainted white.

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Down Granville the traffic was blocked and pedestrians were thick. There were art displays and these fun cutouts in the colors of the Olympic rings.

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IMG 6723 copywat

IMG 6729 copywat

There were street performers out entertaining the crowds.

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Ben took this one in front of the big count down clock. Ruby apparently wasn't as thrilled as her mummy.

IMG 6746 copywat

Even down to toystore windows, there were displays like this hockey game.

IMG 6821 copywat

IMG 6811 copywat

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It was a happy time and being up there reminded me that I am clearly Canadian. We were glad that we got to see some of the fun and picture where the events will take place. Now we will whoop and holler in front of the tv at home.

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Go Canada Go!!!!!!