Though I knew there was a good likelihood that she may need glasses at some point in her life because of my own terrible nearsightedness, I really thought she was faking it.

At the end of school last year, Ruby started talking glibly about how glasses were so cute and she wanted some. I asked her teacher if she had noticed anything out of the ordinary and she shrugged and say she didn't think so. So we went to the doctor for her seven year well child visit. We stepped into the hall with the nurse for the vision test...and she couldn't see the big, HUGE "E". Oh, really. I took her aside and darkly warned her about doing her best and being honest. "I am, Mom! I AM!!" While we waited for our regular doctor I had Ruby read to me from a chapter book she had brought in with her, and held it further and further out, about three and a half feet. She could still read it. Hmmm. When the doctor came in, concerned by the nurse's findings in the hallway, I showed her my little experiment. She nodded with me and agreed that we could keep an eye on it.

I know my girl and I know that she can talk herself into things. I gave her some talks about how wearing glasses when you don't need them will give you a headache, how everyone has things they can't see, and how being completely honest is so important.

Fast forward to the second week of school and I get an email from her teacher, asking about the last time I had her eyes checked because she was having a hard time seeing the whiteboard from the front of the room.

I made an appointment. The doctor was kind and thorough and when Ruby stumbled through the letters on the chart and then had the corrective lenses changed in front of her eyes, she said excitedly, "I can SEE!!I can SEEEEE!" My heart sank and I felt so badly for not taking her seriously before. When I asked the doctor how long she should have been wearing glasses and she kindly said, "Maybe one to two years", tears welled up in my eyes. Oh, not my best mothering moment.

She's been excitedly awaiting her glasses all week and when I got the call today that her cute little specs with the butterfly on the frame were in, I didn't say anything to her about it. I picked her up at school and told her we were going to bike home the long way. She chatted happily along and when I we got to the vision clinic and walked in, her face lit up.

She was so, so happy. She grinned and said, "Everything is so clear!!"

We got outside and she hugged me and crowed, "It's MIRACLE!!!" She thanked me multiple times for bringing her to the doctor's. As we biked home, she pumped her little fist in the air and yelled, "Everything is fantastically, humongously clear!!!" She was behind me at one point and I slyly asked, "So is my bum more clear now?" She giggled and said yes. I told her it better not look bigger now :) .

Here is my girl.

IMG 8033 copy

We were terribly tempted by these. (Thanks, Miss Korinna!)

IMG 8029 copy

As much as I want to do everything right as a mom, sometimes I miss. Sometimes I miss big. This was one of those times. Even in these times, though, I am amazed at the grace which covers me and the heart of a little girl who won't remember her mom's failure but loves me with a pure heart, a mile wide.

If you see my little girl with her glasses on, do me a favor and tell her she looks cute, okay? She'll love it if you notice.