Tonight Ruby and I were driving home from her Awana class at church. We were talking about something totally different, but all of a sudden she sighed and said, "I am glad to have the dad I was always hoping for."

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IMG 2089

He's way more than I was hoping for too. I remember in my pre- Ben days, that my Pastor Eric said to me one day, "When you marry the right one, it will feel like you are both marrying up." And I really feel that way about him, in so many ways.

Particularly in regards to this photography journey....

He was the one who put this camera in my hands last year after spending hours researching what exactly I would need. He gave me more than I would have ever bought for myself.

He patiently endures rounds of "photographer trying out things on her family."

He set up the website, photo storage, and has my photos being backed up in three places every hour (can anyone say "overkill" but at least I won't lose your images, right?)

He flips and flops his work schedule all around so that I can run out for sessions.

He cheers me on and wahoos my efforts.

He is helping this little dream of mine to come true. Thanks, Baby. The girls in your family think you are all right.