There are a lot of talented photographers out there who take a range of approaches. From very styled sessions with lots of props, dramatic looks, to extremely lifestyle perspectives, there are a lot of images that I admire.  But personally, I always come back to interactions and personality being my favorite things to cultivate and photograph. I feel really lucky that the people that seem to gravitate towards me and my style of shooting and clean, simple editing look for that too.  Last year, Evie was clutching her baggie of goldfish in two year old fashion, and her parents loved having that real reflection of their girl and the stage she was at.  I dig that. I love photographing kids being kids and families being families.  I think that people are the most beautiful when they are with the ones that they love the most.

All that to say, I really love photographing this family.  It’s my third time and I know it’s going to be a breeze to capture their wonderful personalities and interactions because that’s truly who they are.  They are fun. They laugh. They hug and play a lot.  Parker giggles and Evie feeds off of it until those little goofballs are rolling around laughing. 

We met up near their home in a lovely little main street by the water.  We ended up bumping into their little cousin who jumped into a few pictures and then we ran into Grandma and her friends too.  What a fun thing to live in a smaller community with family and friends nearby.

The best news of all, is that they are having another baby this fall!  We did some fun “reveal” pictures where we had the kids decorate a boy balloon and a girl balloon and then showed which one they are having.  My bet is that this baby will be so loved that she will be a giggler too.


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