Oh, how I love family photography and getting to document the growth of families, both as kids get older and as new members are added.  It doesn’t seem like long ago at all that I was hanging with pregnant Cathie and her husband, Timon, eating donuts at the market, where we did their first maternity shoot two years ago.  I remember talking about the unknown world of parenthood that they were ready to launch into.  Every time I’ve had the chance to photograph them and their wonderful son, Teis, it’s been such a pleasure to see how they were meant to be parents.  The love for their son is so thick it’s just impossible to miss.  And now they are adding a GIRL to their family and couldn’t be happier! We spent the morning at the beach together, catching up, chasing Teis and talking about the world of girl that they are so ready to head into.  Teis has such a sweet little personality and is quite a chatterbox at two.  He was running and dashing and quite keen on playing in the sand and throwing rocks.  We caught a good look at their family of three, just days before turning into a family of four.  I can’t wait to meet that baby girl and I’m wondering if she’ll have the same big brown eyes and long lashes as her brother.

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