From one extreme to the other. Last November WHEN WE MET UP it was cold, cold and we had to keep the kids moving to keep happy. This time it was warm, warm and I was pretty amazed that the kids did so very well when I was rather red faced at the end. This is a family that I really enjoy being with, whenever I can be: Nate, Ruth, Drew and Liam. We met up at Bradley Park in Puyallup, a very beautiful place where this family has visited many times. I love trailing around with my camera, sometimes setting up shots, but oftentimes just capturing the interaction.

IMG 1965 copy edited-1

Little Liam loves to be messed around with by his dad. And his dad, being a good dad, loves to play around with his kids. LOVE that happy face (and his cool baby hair!).

IMG 2004 copy edited-1

Nate and Ruth so value their little family and also have a great sense of humor about the funny parts of having littles.

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I know Ruth loves having a girly girl to play with. She brought along Drew's fairy costume for some shots too. Pigtails. Cute red shoes. A sweet grin that lights up the whole area.

IMG 2101 copy edited-1

Both those kids have some happy, happy smiles!

IMG 2117 copy edited-1

Mummy love.

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Just wanted to use this picture as an opportunity to talk about clothes. I often get asked about clothes before a session and there really are a few ways to go. Some prefer to match or be closely co-ordinated i.e. jeans and same colored or similar tops. Some stay within two or three colors i.e. outfits that are different styles and tones but all have the same few hues.

This is another option. I love how Ruth had them all in clothes that were different and bright, but you can see that they all really work well together. Kind of vintage-y patterns, definitely fun, very much fitting their personalities.

IMG 2152 copy edited-1

IMG 2240 copy edited-1

One of my new favorites :).

IMG 2289 copy edited-1

Then while Drew was taking seriously her big sister role of "supervising" her little brother (i.e. grabbing him by the neck if he ran too far), I took some shots of Nate and Ruth.

IMG 2325 copywat

They really love each other. It's very evident in the way that they talk with and about each other.

IMG 2319 copybw edited-1

Oh, it was a happy morning! I love, love being with a family that loves to be together.

IMG 2378 copy edited-1

Especially when "happy to be together", means smiles like these!! Such a dolly.

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