I expect Micah Lucas to put on a pound or two a day at the rate he is eating. When I arrived for his newborn shoot, his mommy raised her eyebrow at me and told me that whenever this boy was awake....he was wanting to eat. She was absolutely right and this little guy ate like he was starving about three or four times during our session. I tried to stall him a few times with a pacifier or cuddling but for the most part, he wasn't having it. He is a milk man for sure.

Well, it's worth it all for the sweet soft cheeks and rolls that he has.

IMG 9190 copy edited-1

Now this is why getting newborn pictures in the first 2 weeks is so important. Look at those curled up little legs, just like he was in his mommy's tummy. All those very newborn characteristics of being so bendy and sleepy are for a very short time...and babies are still adorable afterward obviously, but you can never go back and get those first weeks again.

IMG 9199 copy edited-1

IMG 9210 copy edited-1

IMG 9220 copy edited-1

He makes a very, very cute little bear.

IMG 9237 copy edited-1

And that's because he's a very, very cute boy.

IMG 9242 copy

Micah comes after three beautiful girls. It's a whole new world of blues, greens, browns that has entered their home.

IMG 9255 copy edited-1

IMG 9256 copy edited-1

IMG 9274 copy edited-1

They have been raising their daughters with great warmth, wisdom and affection and now are so pleased to add in a son to their family.

IMG 9277 copy edited-1

IMG 9285 copy edited-1

IMG 9292 copy edited-1

IMG 9436 copy

Kisses, rubs, hugs, touches. These sisters adore their brother and he is already getting used to all the attention. He really doesn't have a choice. Even his toes are being kissed here.

IMG 9316 copy edited-1

IMG 9339 copy edited-1

Miah, Jaya, and Aniyah. You can tell their home is going to be a busy one...but busy is fun.

IMG 9410 copy edited-1

Love this one of big sister, Jaya, cuddling in close to their new doll.

IMG 9401 copy edited-1

I would like to add a little postscript about newborn sessions. Sometimes what you end up seeing from a session is just a part of what goes on while I come over. Everything looks serene and calm, the birds singing, and perfect peace the whole time...right?? Actually, usually there is some fussing and rocking and noise. Occasionally there are little messes when I remove diapers to try to get a cute bum shot. Sometimes there is spit up. And it's totally okay. I leave extra time for that stuff because I have had babies myself and know what it's like. I also know that if we keep at it, we'll have some goodies. Little Micah was determined to eat for much of this session and then there was the craziness of adding all his doting sisters into pictures. We were all pretty warm on that sunny afternoon and pooped by the end of it, but that's kind of the way it happens sometimes. His parents kept working with him and with me, and because they did, I think we got some special ones.

Congratulations, Jeremy and Samantha! You have a real treasure in your son, along with your beautiful girls. I hope you have a hefty food budget for this one as he gets older.