We serve on the Marriage and Family Council at our church along with several wonderful couples, including John and Tara. In a day when it seems like many families are struggling and hurting, we are trying to provide different avenues to strengthen and equip families to grow in love and truth together. Through their comments and ideas, I have become very impressed with John and Tara and the way that they are valuing their marriage and raising their children. The first time we were at their house and saw their huge table which was way bigger than they needed for their then seven children, Tara explained that they wanted a table big enough for each of their children to have friends over. They serve in all kinds of areas from bringing meals, to helping with building projects, to caring for and encouraging others. The way they value their children is evident in how wonderful they are and how they are starting to reach out to others too. What a blessing to see families who are truly making a difference to others! I was thrilled when Tara asked me if I would take photos of their family. A good part of the session was dedicated to photographing the newest member, little Isabella, who was nine days old. She is a sweet and easygoing baby who has no lack of attention or people wanting to hold her. Then the second part of the session was doing some portraits of the rest of the kids and some family shots together.

We started in the covered porch which was the playroom. I was thrilled to have lots of natural light to photograph Isabella and had my helper at my right hand, her big sister, Rebekah. She not only had her camera ready but was ready to kiss, cover with blankets and offer advice :).

1-IMG 6730 copy

When I photograph newborns I focus less on fancy posing and more on getting some nice closeups of those brand new miracles.  I also love to focus on what makes them so very new...the peeling skin, curled up legs, hands on faces as they sleep.

08-wilkins gallery


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And a few with her pretty mama before we gathered up the rest of the family.

18-wilkins gallery2

Rebekah, Jessica, Ashlea.

19-wilkins gallery3

Caleb, Aaron, Troy, Christian.

20-wilkins gallery4

Ashlea had made these super sweet sisters' hats. Love these four sisters together!

21-wilkins gallery5

The brothers have a good time too.

10-IMG 6967 copy

Then we hopped out for the family group shots.

11-IMG 6988 copy


12-IMG 6992 copy


13-IMG 7004 copy


15-IMG 7066 copy


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24-IMG 7054 copy

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It was a blessing to spend this time with you!