A few years ago I was standing at the welcome center at our church, doing sign ups for some event with a baby on my hip and I heard, "Cassandra!!" I looked up to see my friend, Janine, and it was a bit of a shock to see her as the last time I had seen her was in our mutual church in Texas. Janine and Jim's daughter, Johanna, had taught in our parent's day out program that I helped oversee. She was my pal and she always smelled so good and divulged her scent which is still one I wear to this day...but I digress.... :) .

It's a small world. It's fun that we have both found our place from Texas to the Northwest now.

Jim contacted me about doing some portraits to celebrate their fortieth year anniversary coming up next month. I was delighted. They came for one of my mini sessions on Saturday and had me laughing the whole time. I told them I was going to run them around the park a bit. Jim commented, "Oh, we don't run anymore. If we did that we'd be leaving body parts all over the park." So we walked and I am happy to say that all body parts remain intact.

They have that kind of friendly, comfortable, committed kind of love that runs deep. I love that. It's what I want to have in my marriage at 40 years. They laughed and teased and I can tell that their companionship is rich.

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Happy anniversary, friends! Many, many happy returns!

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