It is no secret that I love photographing feet. No, I'm not so much into old feet. I like the little feet, especially chubby, square, chunky feet.

Just over a week ago, I was about to put some dinner on the table and got an idea. I got out the crayolas and Ruby and I drew faces on all the big piggies of all the kids. Then I bribed with raisins for kids to stay laying down together so I could get some photos of all those little piggies in one place.

IMG 9281 copywat


IMG 9290 copy edited-1


IMG 9308 copy edited-1


IMG 9356 copy edited-1

Love this messy, happy crew.

IMG 9380 copy edited-1

IMG 9413 copy edited-1

I told the kids to sing as loud as they could and they loved it!

IMG 9444 copy edited-1

Poor Theo got scared and they thought that was so funny.

IMG 9451 copy edited-1

Then the compassionate big sister moved in to comfort. Jasper looked a little stressed. Nobody likes to hear a baby cry.

IMG 9458 copy edited-1

Then we went in for dinner...and gave the baby some extra mushy banana to make up for overwhelming him.

These kids, they make me happy. (And I love that freckle on Ruby's toe...she's had it since she was a wee little baby).

IMG 9326 copy edited-1

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