I’m a little silhouette crazy and I’m not even a bit embarrassed to admit it!  There’s something about the way that a shadow can tell so much about size and movement and personality.  I was so happy to do these silhouettes of my friend’s kiddos.  We’ll be doing more family pictures this fall but I wanted to do the silhouettes when I knew we’d have a good lighting contrast. Kaden. Maddie. Kellen.Mya, Karsen.  It took a wee bit of organizing with five kids but Callie runs musicals and performances at our school so this was a piece of cake!

1-McCarthySilhouette-102-McCarthySilhouette-13-McCarthySilhouette-24-McCarthySilhouette-55-McCarthySilhouette-36-McCarthySilhouette-47-Mc Carthy silhouettes