She's one of my heart friends and I love her. It was such a treat to photograph her family again this year and this time we were a bit smarter. Last year we had a wonderful photo session and lunch together but I didn't think through the timing very well and that's all the time we really had together which wasn't nearly enough. On this trip to Dallas, they roadtripped up from Houston again but this time we spent the whole day together. Photos in Las Colinas, lunch out, a walk through historic Grapevine which was all decorated for ice cream and coffees, swimming with the girls and lastly, we got to have dinner out together. MUCH more satisfying, though she really is the kind of friend that I wish I could have a day like that with every week or at least every month. Alison's big heart is so obvious to me through every conversation and every interaction with her family. She is so attentive to the hearts of her daughters and you can tell that they have flourished under her care. Besides being a wife and mom, she's now also working with another organization, Safe Families, which is changing lives. She is pure gold.

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Here are the their beauties. Natali, Annalea, Jada, Lydia, and Taylor.

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You can bet your bottom dollar this picture is landing on my website.

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I remember asking J. years ago how he felt about being outnumbered and he said he loved it.

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Oh, that little sign. We'll just pretend we didn't see that, okay? For heaven's sake, you can photograph in Notre Dame but not here?

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One of the things I love to do in full sessions is photograph each parent with each child. These girls are all so pretty, just like their mama.

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This was the only kissing that went on with J. Poor guy had been coughing for hours the night before but he soldiered on for family photos.

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Little Miss Jada pointed her toe at me for this picture....didn't want me to miss her cute boots :).

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She was swinging those little hips and giving me some personality. I heart personality.

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Apparently, they've all got some!

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Sisters. Oh my goodness. How much fun goes on at their house!

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There's not much more beautiful than children who are very loved and know it. What a perfect day with a family I love. (Let's do it again :) ).