It seems like I was just taking Tymen on a date to do his Four Year Old Pictures. I remember leaving the field and having a tear in my eye as he held my hand, because he looked so big. Now I look at those and he looks so little. (If you are interested, here are his Three Year Old Pictures ). Perspective is an amazing thing. Looking at him and thinking he looks so mature but knowing that my heart will twist in a year as I reflect on how small my boy was. I am glad for every picture and really thankful that we take the time each year for me to document each child on his or her birthday.

Tymen is a hugger, kisser, nailbiter, fort builder, raccoon dresser upper. He laughs easily and hugs all his friends. His lip goes out when he knows he's in trouble and he likes babies. He wants to be fast and he's a lightweight. He gets easily distracted but loves to bless me by doing jobs for me. He wants his friends to like him and sings in the back of the van. He eats anything I put in front of him and can gobble up fruit as fast as I can cut it. When he laughs, he giggles, "Hee-hee-hee." He loves to come in bed with us and cuddle.

Five is a big transition. Almost kindergarten. We've been reading Bob books and trying to make his name writing legible. He's excited to be a part of his preschool class and feels confident about elementary school.

The other night, we popped out and found a couple spots in the beautiful evening light.

I love him.

01-IMG 1696 copy

02-IMG 1712 copy


04-IMG 1718 copy


03-IMG 1716 copy


05-IMG 1748 copy


06-IMG 1764 copy


1-IMG 1771 copy

How many dandilion bouquets have my boys given me? Lots :) and lots :).

1-IMG 1803 copy


09-IMG 1829 copy


10-IMG 1836 copy


11-IMG 1853 copy


12-IMG 1863 copy


13-IMG 1878 copy


14-IMG 1905 copy


15-IMG 1928 copy


17-IMG 1960 copy


16-IMG 1946 copy

This smile is so him.

18-IMG 2012 copy

19-IMG 1933 copy

Happy birthday, Tymen! You are one of God's greatest gifts to us!

If you would like your child documented on his or her birthday, one person mini sessions are a great way to go. Also, if you are considering having portraits done, think about having them done in the evening this spring or summer. The warm, sweet light is so lovely and we get some long evenings...bliss!

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