Five is a special birthday. I was thrilled when my friend, Jen, asked me about doing some special pictures of their first son, Isaac, to celebrate this time in his life. They are proud of their kindhearted and fun boy and his sweet heart was evident throughout this shoot.

One person mini sessions are such a fun way to highlight birthday kids and document what makes them special. It feels like a treat for me to really be able to talk and play and interact with one person so that I can really make the connection that I want when I photograph.

Isaac was easy. He was happy and responsive and I thoroughly enjoyed him!

We started by having him draw a portrait of himself with his name and age. I think this is a fun way to capture stages of drawing and writing. I love how his arms, legs and body are just growing right out of his head. Body awareness in art for kids is such a fun thing to watch develop.

IMG 5390 cop1 edited-1

He started off with his cheesy smile so his mom and I had to mess with him to get the real smiles coming.

IMG 5396 copy edited-1

He's just a wonderful guy. We were playing that he was electrocuting my mousie puppet with his high fives and Jen and I were both laughing so much watching him.

IMG 5399 copy edited-1

IMG 5418 copyw

IMG 5444 copyw

They brought along his plane which I thought was a great idea.

IMG 5456 copyw

He tried a few times to crash it into me. Just look at that gleam in his eye!

IMG 5462 copyw edited-1

IMG 5476 copy edited-1

Such a love.

IMG 5481 copy edited-1

Then he raced around on his bike along the paths in the park. I was very impressed at how safety conscious he was when he wouldn't ride at all without his helmet. Safety first!

IMG 5559 copy edited-1

They brought along Minnie and Mickey, his favorite sleeping toys.

IMG 5568 copy edited-1

Then he helped us draw some fun balloons on the sidewalk.

IMG 5609 copy edited-1

At the very end, he got a birthday cupcake. He blew mightily and then candles went out. Then he licked off the icing and handed the rest to his daddy.

IMG 5640 copy edited-1

What a pleasure it was to celebrate your boy's fifth birthday in pictures, Jen and Michael! I know you are so proud of your wonderful son.

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