I was really looking forward to family pictures with this crew. I’ve had the opportunity to do a couple of mini sessions with them in the past years which involved a wee bit of restraint for me to actually make them mini when we get going.  With a full session, I could shoot away to my heart’s content.  It also gives me more of a chance to do things like taking shots of each kid with each parent. We walked around the Des Moines Marina and did various portraits and groupings of them as we played around and talked and they teased each other.  It was a big plus that we lost nobody in the water as well!  After a while I told the boys that we were ready to let them play and that’s when the biggest smiles came.  I love in these regular sessions that we can do a mix of portraits and also do some good shots of everyone hanging out together doing something fun.  We went down to the rocky beach where they flipped rocks and collected crabs.  They crawled up on the big rock and little Oscar entertained us with some homemade knock knock jokes.  Then we walked the pier where the boys did some fishing, which is something that Marcy thought would be fun for them as they love to do that together. During these regular family sessions, if you opt to do something fun like this at the end (think ice cream cones, water balloons, kites, etc.)I can promise, you’ll end up with a nice big juicy gallery of images at the end. What a treat it was to spend the evening with your family!

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