I can't tell you how many families I photograph where the parents confess that they haven't had a good photo of them taken since their wedding...8..10...12 years ago. Eeek. That's way too long! And while wedding pictures are so wonderful and worth investing in for sure, I think that the love that matures and grows each year is so worth celebrating too!

That's why I was pleased when Katie and Andy contacted me about doing some portraits to celebrate their first anniversary. It was so fun to visit with them and see how in love they are a year later. They look married. That happy companionship where you know each other so well and have learned how to trust the other to love and honor you.

They fit. Really well. As in two becoming one...just like it's supposed to be.

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34-gallery andy and katie

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Just a word on location. Sometimes people are extremely concerned about where exactly their pictures are to be. I am always FAR more concerned with lighting than location, though it certainly does factor in. This bush where the sun was glowing through had a dumpster behind it and paper cups on the ground of the parking lot beside it....and you'd never know. It was just perfect lighting while we were there. I'm always so happy for clients who trust me with that. It's my job to find the light that you'll look the best in.

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I just LOVE this set. I know there are a lot of themed sessions (think whimsical picnic in the woods) out there done by photographers who are great at them, as well as photographers who are very styled (think Vogue) with their posing. What makes my heart sing, is a simple, clean portrait where you can truly see the souls and connections of the people in front of my camera. These make me happy for that reason.

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So just about two hours before our shoot I fired off a last minute email to Katie and Andy with an idea. Since it was the "Paper" anniversary, would they be up for bringing something "paper". I was thinking origami, a sign, maybe even a paper airplane...but I love what they did. They bought little journals and wrote a little note to each other for their anniversary. I suspect these anniversary journals will see many entries over the years.

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So gorgeous.

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Andy and Katie, your love is a beautiful thing and a real example to those around you. Happy one year and many more.

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