I spent almost ten years in Texas and I loved it. I so enjoy going back to visit friends there because no matter the time that's passed, nothing really changes...except for the kids that are growing like weeds. Being a warm and encouraging group, as I have posted pictures on my blog over the last couple years, I've had a little list of people say, "When you come down, we would love to have pictures done." So a few months ago when I booked tickets for me and the bookends, I sent out an email and filled up my schedule. Nine sessions, eight of them supposedly "mini" sessions, but it's always hard for me to stop :) .

First up was Vanessa and Travis and their littles who I photographed two years ago. I really enjoy them because they are so affectionate with each other and so generous with everyone around them. They are easy to laugh and the kids are wonderful.

Micah didn't need any warm up time whatsoever. He jumped out of the car and showed me his smile. Josephine made me work just a tiny bit and within five minutes was in fine form.

IMG 9567 copy edited-1


IMG 9541 copy edited-1


Their super creative mom made these fun outfits.

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IMG 9590 copy edited-1

IMG 9618 copyw

Strong like dad, oh yeah.

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I can tell they like to pal around.

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IMG 9710 copymo

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IMG 9750 copyw

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Sweeeeet girls!

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Travis and Vanessa totally understand that they way to get the best expressions out of the kids is by playing with them like they do every day.

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Love you guys.