I know that one of the reasons that Ben and I had such a wonderful trip to Paris was because of the gracious hospitality of Fiona and her husband, Rodolphe.

Fiona is friends with my sister and her husband and thanks to FB, we connected when she would drop me sweet notes about some of Kelly's photos that I'd taken. At times we'd message back and forth and when I told her that Ben and I were hoping to come to France, she kindly offered to show us around.

When we nailed down our plans, she asked if I could do a session of her and Rodolphe. Would I....are you kidding me?...a photo session in France?...sign me up!

Even though we'd never officially met, she planned on spending two days with us, one with Rodolphe, wandering around Paris and then the next day she took us to Versailles. They were so fun and gracious and answered a ton of questions that we had. Fiona and I would walk along chatting and the guys were right behind us, talking too. They were very generous hosts with us and we are hoping to have the same opportunity with them as we're trying to talk them into a trip to Seattle.

Before we headed off the first day altogether, the three of us took a walk out from our hotel which was right in the middle of things to take their portraits.

The City of Love to photograph a couple in love...what could be more perfect? I was ecstatic, far more than they were I'm sure! What a fun opportunity! Also, I have to say, you don't have to ask a French couple to be affectionate. They were awesome and so easy to photograph.

We started out a a cool mosaic wall near one of the eateries by our hotel.

IMG 3124 cop1 edited-1

IMG 3130 copy edited-1

IMG 3134 copy edited-1

Pretty much everywhere is a great spot to photograph in Paris so we just tried to walk where it wasn't very populated and honestly, I could have kept going all day :) .

IMG 3137 copy edited-1

At the Seine.

IMG 3150 copy edited-1

IMG 3157 copy edited-1

IMG 3163 copy edited-1

IMG 3168 copy edited-1

IMG 3178 copy edited-1

IMG 3173 copy edited-1

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IMG 3294 copy edited-1

Then off to the gardens by Notre Dame. By this time I was pretty thrilled, raving on about the light and how much fun I was having. (They were laughing at me a little).

IMG 3339 copy edited-1

IMG 3301 copy edited-1

IMG 3305 copy edited-1

IMG 3312 copyw

IMG 3317 copy edited-1

IMG 3325 copy edited-1

IMG 3326 copy edited-1

Fiona and Rodolphe, thank you again for all your hospitality and generosity. We had SO much fun with you. We can do it all again over here....start checking for tickets....