Since I was little, I’ve needed a little  time to be creative, to be around beautiful things and to be by myself.  I certainly love the fray of crazy family and busy kids but I deeply crave a little  time alone too.  It is most certainly the reason why I stay up way too late at night, loving the silence. 

I was so fortunate to go along with Ben on his most recent trip to Santa Barbara and it was just what I needed.  Three days spent walking, looking at lovely shops and streets and beaches, taking photos, eating at cafes with my book.  Then at night Ben and I talked and laughed and ate great food (the famed lobster bisque that I rave about!) together.  We needed to get off “business mode” of family life and just to have a few days together. I love him and it was good to remember how much I like him too! It was our 13th anniversary when we were there.

I usually photograph people so I had no real agenda but to look at things that felt beautiful or inspiring as I walked.  The lines, the color, the space,  the feel.  It was fun to take my time and just play around.

Here are some of my favorites. This time I traveled with just my 35 mm 1.4L and my lensbaby pro composer as I wanted to practice a bit with the manual focus…and got a little carried away.


Puff pastry baked on top of a cup of salty, creamy lobster bisque. Oh my heavens.03-santa-41-santa-1-604-santa-1105-santa-1206-santa-1307-santa-1508-santa-1709-santa-2110-santa-2511-santa-2712-santa-2913-santa-5214-santa-3316-santa-402-santa-4417-santa-4515-santa-3618-santa-4619-2015.220-santa-4721-santa-4822-2015.2123-santa-4924-santa-5025-santa-5326-santa-5527-2015.2228-santa-614-santa-62

I played with light a bit too.  Can’t believe how many years it took me to get a remote!!29-santa-7230-santa-515-santa-7331-santa-886-santa-8032-santa-9133-santa-9334-santa-9435-santa-9636-santa-107

Him.  13 years.  Proof that God can give us more than what we can ask or desire.37-santa-10838-santa-10939-santa-11840-santa-12041-santa-12142-santa-12243-santa-12344-santa-12445-santa-12546-santa-12647-santa-127