More than once, I have loudly exclaimed during a session,"Oh, wow...that's look so great....what an incredible shot!" That is usually followed by me insisting that they look at the screen on my camera to see what I am talking about. Shortly after each episode, I realize that maybe I should calm down a little and stop raving quite so much, lest it be taken as a sad attempt to promote my own work. Honestly, it's just that I get such a thrill from seeing people shine or from capturing a moment that really expresses who that person is.

Tonight, I have to admit, I did this a few times. My job was pretty easy...senior pictures of Emily. She is just gorgeous, with a sweet spirit that is so evident. We walked the marina in Des Moines, as this girl has great interest in marine biology. I love it when location is meaningful.

So here are some favorites....

IMG 1610 copy

See what I mean? We had people ask us if she was a model, and if the marine biology doesn't work out.....

Here she is with the beautiful gerbera daisies that my friend, Rebecca, brought over the other day.

IMG 1564 copy

I am surely getting my money's worth out of the vintage flash cards I picked up at a flea market. Drum roll please....graduating.....2010!

IMG 1566 copy

With all the varying weather reports this week, we were wondering just what we were going to get, and were quite happy with the sun!

IMG 1581 copy

IMG 1588 copy

It's often a great idea to choose a location that has a variety of places to shoot...beach, cool walls, trees, fences.

IMG 1638 copy


IMG 1650 copy

IMG 1645 copy

Sometimes, it is the funniest places that turn out the best locations. I made Emily squeeze in between the wall of this shack and a railing and I am so glad I did.

IMG 1702 copy

We thought this bunch of signs was just right for a girl who will be spending a lot of time at beaches.

IMG 1704 copy

Emily, what a pleasure it was to spend this time with you. You are a treasure. And Jacqueline (Emily's Mom), thanks for all the motherly advice for me as I send my baby off to school next week. You are wonderful!