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I had a fun session today at the Windmill Gardens with a wonderful family that we met because my daughter Ruby and little Aubri went to preschool together....and I am delighted that they are headed to the same elementary school. Mom decided to get some portraits of the girls done for Father's Day and I had such a good time with these little dolls.

I laughed and laughed when I saw these first two pictures. I love how they were feeling the love and laying on those sisterly smooches...actually, that's probably the way things are at their home all the time....right, Melissa?

IMG 2722 copy

IMG 2720 copy


The girls were so eager to go "exploring" around the garden and were super champs about trying out all my suggestions.

IMG 2651 copy

IMG 2690 copy

IMG 2736 copybw


Loved these chippy little fingernails.

IMG 2797 copy


Here is Hayden with a vintage flash card that I picked up this weekend. Love how she is holding it backward.

IMG 2678 copy

IMG 2816 copy

IMG 2835 copybw


I thoroughly enjoyed myself and hope that Dad loves the pictures of these wonderful girls of his. Thanks for the opportunity, Melissa!

I told Melissa that taking these pictures reminded me of a story that my mum and her sisters tell of when they were little girls in Amsterdam. As a gift for their father, their mother commissioned a photographer to come to the apartment to take their portraits. They were fascinated by the process, especially when he had to go into the closet in the dark to work on some of his equipment. Sworn to secrecy, they spilled the beans immediately when their dad came home from work, "Dad! Dad! A man was here and he was in Mum's closet, and we aren't supposed to tell you!" Needless to say, the surprise was ruined.