Today in the van, Ruby was going on and on about how much she loved the dandelion that she picked on her way out of church. She loved that it was yellow. She loved that it smelled, "SO, SO good, Mum!!!! Just like honey." Nothing like a kid to make you slow down and appreciate the little stuff, right.

So at the Farmer's Market, I put aside how warm it was getting, how the boys needed a good nap, and how I needed one too. And I tried to slow down and appreciate the little stuff.

Huge bouquets of flowers for $5.

IMG 0850 copy-1

My boy meandering around with his water bottle through all the stalls.

IMG 0830 copy-1

Fresh bread to bring to our neighbour's for dinner. Cheesy bread that we inhaled last week with globs of butter and plan to do the same tonight.

IMG 0848 copy-1

Discovering little people sized pumpkins.

IMG 0836 copy-1

IMG 0844 copy-1

Fresh veggies and fruit. My kids were crazy about the beets this past week. Begging for beets.

IMG 0851 copy-1

Making sweet faces at my little boy and getting funny reactions.

IMG 0885 copy-1

And, finally, eating mini donuts. We all decided that we NEEDED them!

IMG 0852 copy-1

The big sister doled them out and the little brothers snarfed them down.

IMG 0863 copy-1


Happy Sunday.