When I do family photos I usually feel like it's a win-win situation. The family gets their relationships captured in their portraits and I have a great time. For this family photo session it felt like a win-win-win because not only did they look amazing in their photos and I did have a fantastic time, but they won this session at an auction raising funds for Bethany Christian Services, an amazing adoption agency. How cool it was to be a part of spending time with this wonderful family and also knowing that the proceeds have gone to such a great cause.

They were easy-peasy....super fun to talk and hang out with. Even with us not knowing each other to begin with, they were fun and engaging and it didn't take much warm up time to get some great images of them together. We started out getting some good photos in different combinations as well as some headshots of each of them...because they're just nice to have. Then we played around and did a lot of laughing (which I strongly suspect they do often) and those are some of my favorites.

IMG 6565 copy

IMG 6551 copy

IMG 6577 copy



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IMG 6578 copy

IMG 6581 cop-1

IMG 6584 copy

I asked who was more strict and without a beat the answer was, "Mom." Apparently, dad knows it's true. Tristan wisely didn't answer that question.

IMG 6629 copy

IMG 6633 copy

IMG 6637 copy

IMG 6650 copy

IMG 6648 copy

IMG 6694 copy

The evening light was just amazing in the fall-ish park and we we had some fun. I had everyone do an exaggerated walk towards me.

IMG 6737 copy


IMG 6763 copy

IMG 6773 copy


I'm really into the jumping shots lately. They totally crack me up. Love everyone's expression even before they began.

IMG 6810 copy




IMG 6806 copy


IMG 6812 copy

Seriously, how fun are the crazy pictures :).


We had a bit of an episode when I asked Tristan to scoop his sister up. We needed to give her a heads up that she couldn't flop over like a doll. It sure did make us laugh.


The mobsters.

IMG 6848 copy

The model pose...Chris just couldn't do it and ended up laughing.

IMG 6825 copy

Chris, Jamie, Tristan and Kat: thanks for a super fun evening with your family. I hope you enjoy your photos and thanks so much for supporting the adoption fund raising!

By the way, a little boy from China who was adopted through Bethany will be photographed with his amazing mama next week. Come back and visit soon if you want to see the sunniest smile imaginable!

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