There is this great room at our church called the "Nursing Mom's Room". It's a cozy place with beautiful murals, low lighting, and padded rockers. There is a big screen tv so moms can watch what is going on in the sanctuary. I have spent lots of time in that room with my boys the past couple of years. I have noted that as valiantly as the moms with their little babies try to pay attention to services, invariably the chatting starts. "Oh, how cute. How old is your baby?" "Where did you get that hat? It's adorable!" Feeding advice is exchanged. Exhausted moms are encouraged. I am sure that there is as much ministry going on in there as any other place in the church.

It was in this room that I met Ruth where her daughter Drew was a baby and Jasper was a little pudgy cheeked guy on my lap. Through us connecting in there, we have become friends with their whole family. I have always been so blessed to see how much Nate and Ruth adore their kids and want to grow them to be the people that God would have them to be.

I was most happy to meet up with them to take some family pictures. A shout out goes to those little troopers because it was a chilly morning and those kiddos did so well!

IMG 0588 copywat

This dolly is Drew. I love those blue eyes and the way she is holding her big, chunky beads.

IMG 0568 copywat

We wandered around Sumner and the bridge by the Cannery.

IMG 0621 copywat

IMG 0627 copywat

This little guy was laughing hysterically as his daddy was tossing him around. Nothing sounds as sweet as a baby laughing.

IMG 0649 copywat

IMG 0669 copywat

We caught a little two-year-old moment. Dad says it's good to have proof later.

IMG 0712 copywat

However, it didn't take much to turn on the charm again. I love those little baby feet hanging down.

IMG 0737 copywat

This little guy was such a sweet natured butterball, even though our session was right during his naptime.

IMG 0797 copywat

IMG 0729 copywat

Every baby should be so loved.

IMG 0813 copywat

Thanks for a great morning, Nate and Ruth. I always enjoy seeing you.