All I know is that you would have to be one seriously great boss to have someone want to give you a photo session. When Kelly talked to me last year, she told me that she so enjoyed working with Marc and the rest of the staff at church, and wanted to bless him and his family with a photo session. How cool is that :) . I have had people gift sessions for family but this was pretty exceptional. I have been really looking forward to this time because the little I knew of Marc and Katrin, I quite liked them. I heard Katrin give a beautiful talk about children's literature and it inspired me to go home and ready, read, read with my kids. Marc's is "the voice" that is heard on all kinds of church announcements and recordings. In spending the evening with them and their awesome kids, I had an even greater respect for them at the end. I usually plan on having a little warm up time when I meet up with kids that don't know me. When they all piled out of the car at Owen Beach in Point Defiance, this awesome threesome was already warmed up, excited and ready to go. Annika pointed her cute three-year-old foot at me and showed me her new clogs. Linnea excitedly said every ten minutes or so, "This is so FUNNNNNN!" Benjamin had personality all over the place.

IMG 1205 copy


IMG 1264 copy1

Helloooo....cute boots, Katrin!

IMG 1220 copy

IMG 1216 copy

I grabbed my white board on the way out, thinking that it would be fun to have the kids write their names and draw their faces, to document what that looks at during this point in their lives. I took a fascinating class about the art development of children and was so tickled at Annika's drawing, right on the money for a three year old....a nice big head with feet and arms coming out of it...perfect!

IMG 1308 copy

IMG 1288 copy

IMG 1259 copy

IMG 1294 copy edited-1

IMG 1273 copy

IMG 1328 copy edited-1

"The Eldest Son in a Headlock" family shot.

IMG 1346 copy edited-1

IMG 1359 copy

Love the one on the top left. Annika couldn't help peeking in....

IMG 1364 copy edited-1

Those pretty girls sure love their mom.

IMG 1387copy-1

The manly men in the family.

IMG 1392 copy

IMG 1398 copy edited-1

IMG 1404 copy

IMG 1412 copy

And the three-year-old pulling a three-year-old face. LOVE it!!

IMG 1429 copy

Thanks so much for a great night. I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know your family better .

A little FYI for church staff and pastors: I know that you are worth your weight in gold but I also know that because of the work that the church does, it can't pay you that :) . I do have special rates for church staff and pastors, so if you are interested, send me an email and I will let you know what those rates are.